This is a big step and the beginning of a new journey in your life.

The engagement is one of the most emotional part of our lives, especially for women, and I think that has to be captured. Usually the whole preparation is on men` shoulders. A few years ago, I proposed my wife during our tropical vacation, so I know what it takes, but it`s worth it. You can prepare everything and I will be your spy with a camera.

Or, if you are already engaged and you just want to get nice pictures additionally elsewhere I am more than happy to capture it for you.

Whether you want to surprise your fiancée or to arrange engagement photo-shoot together, it would be a pleasure to take pictures of you. If you want me as your wedding photographer, you can choose my "Collection 3“ package which includes "Engagement session". It will allow you to practice how it feels to be in front of the camera therefore you will be more comfortable on your big day.